Mini Vinnies follow in the footsteps of Christ and St Vincent de Paul.

The Mini Vinnies are the youngest members of the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP), an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms by providing practical assistance to people in need. 

We have a Mini Vinnie group at St William’s who get together to live out their mission of see, think, do, supporting our school community and beyond alongside the SVP.

Children across Key stage 1 and 2 volunteer for the role of Mini Vinnies at St William’s.

The Mini Vinnies at St William’s turn concern into action by…

  •      Praying for those in need
  •      Making cards for those who may be sick, isolated, lonely or in prison
  •      Visiting local care homes to sing and share stories with residents
  •      Taking part in arts and crafts to share with others
  •      Running food collections for a local food bank
  •      Supporting other children in their school or parish